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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  January 8, 2018 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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>> we're tracking a wintery mess and it is right on our doorsteps. storm scan3 following mix of snow, sleet, freezing rain and this storm has some bad timing t could make a mess of the evening commute. good afternoon, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. ahead of the storm many schools are dismissing early, all philadelphia public and archdioces schools will close early at 1:00 this afternoon, long lynn of other schools dismissing early see them at
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the bottom of the your screen, right to meteorologist, katie fehlinger tracking the wintery mess in the weather center. what's the latest? you. >> said it, it is timing the key here. >> this isn't major ice storm. but, any thin glaze is all you would need for it to cause major, major problems. so, it is better safe than sorry, in that regard, but right now, we are beginning to see the signs of life on the radar. start things off by slowing it to you on on the more localized zoom. not everything actually verifying at the grounds level just yet. but certainly up toward the mountains, scranton, wilkes-barre owe area, ice pellets come in here, also going to see some snow mixing in, the further north you travel. that is actually primarily going to be a light snow event for that area. but, the further south you go, it is so based on temperature, which we will get to. wider zoom on this shows there is ample moisture to work with but as far as we're concern, it is a relatively light precipitation event. and we're if the going to see any major ice accumulations but enough that it could cause again some really significant travel headaches. here is a look at this winter
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weather advisory, which technically is in effect, not in effect just yet it, will go into effect as early as 1:00 as late as 4:00 p.m., staggered start for start and end just because of the time that it gets started w so it will start little later, as we get closer to the coast. but it is basically a pm drive the issue where you're currently at 27, the magic number up and down i95, that's cold enough it could even start off as light snow. but the temperature will continue to rye bound, at least few more degrees here in the next couple of hours, and that's where the icing issues start to come into play. twenty-four the current temperature in doylestown, 29 in mt. holly. hoo err here is the expectation, against, this isn't going to per say amount to much. it is the issues and the impacts that come with the poor timing, and just the fact that anything on this cold after grounds will at least stick or freeze immediately. so, especially anything that may not be treated, site streets, sidewalks and the like, that's where the problems come into play. so again, not surprise add lot of schools are shutting down early. it is again better safe than
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sorry, a hell, thankfully this does get out of here with time , and there is a warm up in site down the road. >> we want to hear that, katie , see you soon, thank you crews all across the area are gearing up for this latest blast every winter weather to hit our region in less than a week, we have team coverage starting with "eyewitness news " reporter anita oh, live at the penndot salt yard. how are officials there preparing ahead of the storm? >> well, officials say they didn't need to pre treat the roads because every residual saltalamacchia from last week 's storm, but they say they do have 350 trucks, ready to go once the first flakes start to fall today. they are prepared with more than 100,000 tons of salt, for another round every wintery weather expected this afternoon, officials warning drivers that freezing rain and sleet could create a slippery ride home. penndot spread how mid precipitation event within trickier than pure snowfall. >> not good situation. ice is never good. there is no clean way to get rid of it, you know, you just salt it, hope traffic grinds
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over it little bit. hard to kind of plow it, so, you know, it is real challenge for our guys, and we depend on motorists to watch for speeds do their part, stay out of the roadway, let the guys run their routes. >> and you can see, that the preps continuing here at this salt yard in norristown, officials say that they will not be brine the roads because they could then freeze and have the opposite effect. show you how the roads are looking once the precipitation starts to fall starting tonight on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 and again at 6:00. for now live in norristown, anita oh, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> see you then, thank you. and one of the school district letting out early in advance of this afternoon's winter weather is upper darby. alicia at elementary school where student were already dismissed. >> reporter: students were dismissed here about 15 minute ago, upper darby school district like some of the district in the region deciding it will just be safer to have student head home before the wintery mix hits this region. oftentimes that wintery mix with freezing rain specially
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can be more dangerous than falling snow. >> early dismissal for all 14 schools in centers in the upper darby school district. >> the district deciding it would be best for school buses not to be on the roadway, and student not to be trying to head home in this soon expected icy condition. to make sure all student can make it home before the wintery mix hit the region, all upper darby school district schools have already dismissed all of their student the high school in beverly hills middle school were dismissed around an hour ago, at 11:00 a.m. a half hour ago, drexel hill middle school dismissed all of their students, and just 15 minute ago, elementary and all of the other elementary schools sent their student home. most are excited to have the half day and parent seem equally happen that i their children will be home safe. some say this will be quality time. >> to get home, hot chocolate, maybe bake some cookies, and some muffins, and get homework done.
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>> so we're prepared for school tomorrow. unless we have a jamie day. >> we will be night quality festival of families in nasty weather. >> exactly. >> and again, student here in the upper darby school district have already been dismissed while in other areas like in philadelphia student there are preparing to go home right around 1:00. everyone just trying to avoid the nasty conditions that we will soon be expecting. reporting live in upper darby, alicia, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." all right, alicia, thank you. >> i want to go to that lady's house with the warm cookie's. >> she has a plan, yes. >> this winter weather moving in will lead to rough conditions on the roads this afternoon and early evening. so we're going to the experts for some advice on what to do whether driving on those icy streets and highways. >> joining us now, on the phone, kathleen mellower triple a. good afternoon, kathleen. >> hello jim, rahel, how are you? >> doing well, thank you for being with us, we know the roads are already not in the greatest shape, so what are some tips for driving safely in this bad weather? >> well, first and for most, triple a wants to reminds
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drivers to stay off the roads, unless you absolutely have to be out. as the sun goes down, later this afternoon, it is going to be harder to see the road conditions, and that can affect your ability to see the icy patches. you really, really need to think safety first. if you're out, you want to make sure that you slow down. we can't stress that enough. allow at least three times more space than usual between you and the car in front of you. you also want to be very cautious on bridges and overpasses because black ice typically forms first, on shady areas of the road, bridges and over masses. >> one other thing to consider , if you unfortunately do get caught in a skid, you want to ease off your ac sell rate or steer in the direction i warrant the front of the car to go. >> well, kathleen, are there some things folks should keep in their cars in case they do have to venture out? >> absolutely. and there are two very important things to consider this time around.
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the cold temperatures, and the potential icy conditions. you want to make sure that you're winter emergency kit has blankets, warm winter clothing like hats, and gloves , so that if do you get stranded, you're going to be able to keep yourselves warm. one other thing to definitely put in there is some kitty litter with the icy conditions , kitty litter, and that can gave you a little bit more traction on the icy roads make sure that you have a completely charged cell phone and throw some non-perishable smacks and some water in there , as well. >> good advice from kathleen miller at triple a. thank you very much, kathleen. >> sure. >> and stay with cbs-3 " eyewitness news" and throughout the day as we keep you on top of this wintery mix, we'll have updates hourly on the forecast right here on cbs-3, and we'll also have the very latest on conditions during the evening rush, on "eyewitness news" starting at 5:00. >> well, just a week into the new year, philadelphia has recorded its third death as the result of a house fire, the most recent happened
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overnight in west philadelphia , "eyewitness news " reporter trang do has the details. >> i was watching the news this morning, and i seen it, so sad. >> shock and disbelief as neighborhood mounds the loss everyone of its own in a devastating house fire. the fire started around 3:30 a.m. monday morning on the 800 block of north holly street. >> i was hoping she wasn't in there. i was hoping she wasn't in there. and she was. >> fire officials did not initially release the identity of the victim, but several neighbors identified her as gg flied, retired social service worker. >> gee gee, you know, she basically raised me. >> neighbors say the woman lived alone in this two story house and with no neighbors on either side, there may have been a delay in reporting the fire. >> we placed the fire under control within 20 minute. but, unfortunately, we suffered another tragedy. >> just two days ago, the city lost fire lieutenant mat letourneau, and another person in a house fire on north
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colorado street. as the fire marshall's office investigation the cause of both of these fires, deputy commissioner expressed the importance of preparedness. >> we advocate that everyone call either 311 or go to your local firehouse to get a smoke alarm. if you do not have one. that's every citizen in the city of philadelphia. i can't stress that enough. and have a home plan. >> in west philadelphia, trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". dramatic rescue in wilmington, delaware has happy ending foreman and his dog just before 10:00 last night, first responders called to the brandywine river near south park drive in south market street. they say man had become stranded on a frozen patch of ice trying to save the dog. after a rescue operation, that lasted nearly an hour, both were pulled to safety. fortunately, neither one of them actually went into the water, both are now doing just fine. well, the eagles will open their playoff run saturday at the linc against the atlanta falcons. >> atlanta is opinion and a half point favorite, eagles in the first divisional playoff history to be one the number
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one seed and an underdog. now the main reason odds makers aren't behind the birds is quarterback nick foles, the offense were sluggish in the two games, foles has started since carson wentz was injured but foles was the starter the last time the eagles made the playoffs in 2013. and he says that he will rely on that experience this saturday. >> the key is to get in the zone. get into the rhythm of the offense play, that's when everything slows down, that's the key. and that all starts with preparation. but absolutely, i go back to that moment, because not many players get the opportunity to play in the playoffs. and it is an awesome thing, it is cents a really awesome thing to play at home specially in the link. >> now, the saints won the other nfc game this wild-card weekend, will play the vehicle things sunday, titans and jaguires won in the afc. the titans will play the patriots saturday night. the jags will play the steelers this sunday. well, it is the speech that has everyone talking on this day after the golden globes. >> coming up on cbs-3 " eyewitness news" at noon, hear what oprah winfrey had to say that has many people wondering if she'll run for presiden
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>> last night's golden globes, as usual, didn't disappoint. >> the film took home awards, oprah winfrey became the first african-american women to receive the cecil d de mill award for her contribution toss tv and phil graham kevin frazier joins us from los angeles with more on oprah are
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's big moment big winners and rent cart, and the best behind the scenes moment. kevin in. >> reporter: what a night it was, it was very different kind of golden globes, usually there is a part where everybody hits the carpet, we talk about fashion, have a few jokes, they go inside, couple of cocktails, give away awards and everybody hits the parties but, last night, people hit the carpet energized and focused on times up and me too , and they warrant today talk about it and then inside, the moment, the most moving moment of the night, was delivered by oprah winfrey, after she received her award, and she kind of told the country that i could be your next leader. >> here she is. >> speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have and i'm specially proud and inspired by all of the win heres have felt strong enough and empowered enough to ensure their stories.
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it is not lost on me that if this moment there is some little girls watching, as i become the first black woman to be given the same award. >> now, oprah's long time partner stead man gram told the los angeles times that oprah would absolutely be into it and talking about running for president, if that is what the people wanted. what do you think the people want? i know a lot of the actors and actresses there last night would love for her to run in 2020. so stay tuned toward running for president, one of the women, is in this movement, in the beginning. the times up movement with reese whitherspoon, over a longoria, two of the driving forces when i talked to reason the red carpeted she said this isn't the ends, this is not a one and done, just the beginning of this. >> this can be a start, hopefully this will spread.
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>> and if it is a start? >> it is a good start. 16 million already. on our funds, times legal defense funds that will provide legal resource toss people who need them for on the job harrassment suits. >> now, jim, rahel, when she talks about that $16 million legal defense fund, understand this, they got money from every state in the union, zero six countries around the world , almost at $16 million right now. and you have some people giving $2, and others giving 2 million, like the spielberg 's, and let me finish with seth myers. i thought he was fantastic. he set the perfect tone. lilly riff rent, also fun also paid respect to the people he needed to pay respect to, so the perfect tone. it kind of carried throughout the evening, that it was more after inspirational evening than about the awards or anything else there. it was all about inspiration and moving forward this in country. >> all right, kevin frazier, we know you've had a long night and long morning, we appreciate you being with us
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this morning, but yes, i've heard a lot of positive things about seth myers performance last night, historic night it was, we appreciate you being with us to break it all down. >> thank you, kevin. coming right back with katie's >> thank you, kevin. coming right back with katie's wintery iand i like these award-winning cheddar puffs. first place. both events? booyah! we're an awards family. you'll like them both but love our price. award-winning organic cheddar puffs from aldi. simply smarter shopping. here's your receipt. have a nice day! thank you. ♪ ♪ start the car! start the car! start the car! start the car!
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>> wait i i brought warm weather me, stuck in immigration and customs. >> that's part of the problem that we face for the rest of the day, because with my temperatures, we've got them just hovering around freezing, a problem, where the freezing rain comes in, the icing comes , in that's our concern, i and through the typical evening rush, frankly, happy, that the the district are, you know, getting ahead of this, and even if it is a light precipitation event, you never want to mess with ice. it just doesn't take that much for it to cause major problems , let me take you outside first. we take you on little tour around some of the area cameras, actually all the way in wayne county pocono network , shot, where looking, i can't finds any flakes flying just yet. should be on the way, interesting, how the radar can show one thing, and that's not necessarily actually happening at the grounds level. but, at the moment, i don't see any flakes flying out
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there, it is pretty much on the way right now for this area, meanwhile, this is a live fixture, i had to double take it, breitbart sunny start to the day. outside the boardwalk walk plaza in rehoboth. goes to show how different the conditions can be, we had plenty of clouds, just even county or too away down here in sussex county, absolutely beautiful. see 12 folks walking up and down the shore line, one more shot to show you at last check it was snowing, tough to find that right now but look close you can see the flakes flying over the darker areas of the camera at whitfield he'd henry school next-door to reading in >> something coming right now working its way through in the next few hours. >> the temperature will climb another cup of of degrees. >> it means it holds back, in the just one kind of precipitation.
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>> even by 1:00, 2:00 much hasn't reached new jersey, that's why your winter weather advisory in these areas isn't even going to take effect. but look at this. as this over spreads the portion of the i-95 corridor and immediate vicinity, you have got yourselves a nasty little batch of icing coming through. now it is not going to accumulate very much. it would be, you know, in that regard, it is not going to be super hefty ways down power lines, causes power outages, it is not that kind after system. it is more of a travel issue. and trying to walk around, on the sidewalk, glazed over, could be real dicey for you ment even as this sticks around, beyond, 5:00, 67:00 at night it shouldn't accumulate too much. it just leaves behind slick spots, then out of here. come midnight should be nothing left to track at that point. skies will begin to clear back out. we continue warming trends beyond that point, too. now we take a look, pick the spot, basically looking here in the sit i have and suburbs, and immediate vicinity, pretty much whole mixed bag, say for plane rain.
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but the grounds is so cold at this point. that anything that comes down, is likely to leave behind some slick travel, as you head, you know, from the different crews , and they've done their job of at least having the roads pre treated here from the last storm, but ice is tricky. with coating it could be left, slick roads, slick sidewalks, white icing on trees, it is just a glaze winter wonder land out there in the wake every systems, just doesn't take very much. current temperatures are still only into the 20's right now. we expect to rebound few more degrees where the icing comes, in but by tomorrow, points forwards, we are warming up in a big way. look at friday. comes with a trade off. but an april-like 06 degrees expected, but we will have some rain by then, too. stay there, coming right back.
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>> just reminder if you have to be out there today, that it could easily be some ice, and specially through the typical call pm rush, likely to be some size out there, not a lot of precipitation, but you don't need much when you're talking ice, so please be careful out there. safe travels. >> and the roads already a mess. >> that's "eyewitness news" for today at noon, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel sole plan for katie and all of us, thanks for watching. "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. the young and the restless is coming up next. we're always on line at (alex trebek) $8,000.
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>> previously on "the young and the restless"... >> abby: how you would like a free trip with yours truly to leave all of our crap behind in the dust? >> cane: every time the phone rings, my stomach clenches because i think it's my attorney calling and he's telling me the divorce is back on. >> lily: i haven't been able to move on, either. >> ashley: what is this? >> graham: dina's medical power of attorney, and she assigned it to me. what part of "we're leaving" do you not understand? >> dina: oh, my god, jack! >> ashley: and don't come back! >> victoria: maybe you can work things out with mac. >> j.t.: things may be a little worse than i led you to believe. >> scott: no, i'm not about to give up my dream position. >> abby: this job, it's the only thing that means anything to me right now. we just have to put aside our baggage and our chemistry and find a way to work together. >> victoria: you're early.


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